oh my god we are never going to stop fucking with each other are we
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i just love shrek. like not even ironically i genuinely love shrek. im the new shrekfan101. shreK IS LOVE

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i try not to sound like an asshole but it’s really hard because i am an asshole

my mom texted me a facebook screenshot of this today and said ‘sounds like something you would say LOL’ like u have no idea mom 

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gf: babe come over

me (a lawnmower) : no i cant im cutting the grass and you live in the sky

gf: my parents are out

me: image

at what point does a joke die because i think we’ve beaten this horse into the ground with an aluminum bat

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To Infinity
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and beyond
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i literally cannot explain to you how hard this was to do
cosplayer / photographer
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look at how Jade drew over John’s stupid text. look at the heart she put over his self-deprecating drawings. look how she tried to fix it. look at her encouraging little message she wrote. look at that shit. Jade is the best. I’m going to cry